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convert work Direction With Crystal Clear Focus

Vitamin A - convert work Direction With Crystal Clear Focus

Good afternoon. Today, I discovered Vitamin A - convert work Direction With Crystal Clear Focus. Which is very helpful to me so you. convert work Direction With Crystal Clear Focus

Sitting in the office working away her thoughts are drifting. With crystal clear focus she can see the direction the company is taking. In the day to day tasks of talking with clients her mind is very focused on giving them the best service possible.

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Vitamin A

She has always worked in jobs that are very centered nearby the client. Heck, without clients no company could even open their doors for business. The problem she found over the years is that most businesses seem to eventually forget the most prominent asset they have...their clients.

Thinking how to be distinct from all others...

When first going into company for herself there were many things needed to be done. Besides the set up and logistics of permits, licenses and such; they needed computers, phone lines, printers and a fax machine.

This all took money; something there was petite of. But, the desire to work out of her home was strong, she wanted to operate of her life. She did what any red-blooded American would do; pulled out the Visa!

Now the pressure was on to succeed. Not only was there no paycheck anymore; now there was a large credit card cost to make. How would the mortgage get paid without a paycheck? Would there be money for food? If you don't know what is arrival in; how do you pay the bills every other week? Oh my, so many things ran through her head, it was scary.

Scared as she was, knowing that she had to show up, work hard or not eat made it easy to work from sun up to sundown. The only incommunicable weapon she had were the vitamins she took daily. Using them enabled her to keep cool when others lost their tempers; it made a huge difference. Not being so stressed out; she was able to treat people kindly; it was a distinct type of experience for most.

Within the first week of opportunity the doors for the car shipping company they found there was a ton of competition. They had to think and think fast...what was going to set their company apart from the thousands of other brokers out there?

They realized by client comments that their service was different. By taking the time to clarify to them how intriguing cars worked it made a difference. When their vehicle was set up with the driver; they were called and given the name and phone estimate of the driver. By verifying the car to be moved was picked up and on it's way, their minds were put at ease.

The icing on the cake for all clients was the hand written thank you card and small gift of appreciation they received after the car shipping was done. That small gesture is what set their company apart from the masses. She learned that company tip from one of her mentors from her vitamin company, Dani. She told her audience to always under promise and over deliver.

She proved to be right; this helped to take their customer service one notch above everybody else's service. She put all of my heart and soul into the company and clients needs.

Learning a lesson by watching nature...

The lessons learned over the past six years have been plentiful. One of the most prominent lessons has been that you must be willing to change; slide from one season to the next without freaking out. You must put in order for the varying seasons, too!

Like the seasons we experience in nature; there are seasons in business, too. They've seen plentiful harvest times in the summer and fall. The winters in company are treacherous and can make or break you. What you plant today may not ripen and be ready for harvest until months from now.

Everyone learned to take each day, one by one; make it the best day ever. Treat each client like you want to be treated. Give it your all, each client deserves the best. Some days she didn't feel like going into the office; she wanted to go visit her grand-babies. On opportunity she wanted to relax, sip a cup of coffee and read the newspaper.

The beauty of working for yourself is that you can do those things...sometimes. She like so many others had to learn that working from home isn't get up at 10 Am and leave at 2 Pm; not when you are running a six shape business. Some days she would work from 6 Am to 5 Pm, other days less. All she could say was thank God for those vitamins...they have saved her mind, body and soul more than once.

By planning for the seasons, she is able to play, visit her grand-babies and travel...this company is mobile! But, like the seasons she had to be willing to "change occupation direction with crystal clear focus".

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