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Glyconutrients - Carbohydrates That You Need

Vitamin A - Glyconutrients - Carbohydrates That You Need

Good evening. Yesterday, I learned about Vitamin A - Glyconutrients - Carbohydrates That You Need. Which is very helpful to me and also you. Glyconutrients - Carbohydrates That You Need

Have you had your carbohydrates today?

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Vitamin A

Since it has only been in the last 100 years that discoveries have led to the realization of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants...experts agree that there is much more to be learned about the body and it's nutrient requirements. While there have been studies on carbohydrates for the past 40 years, only recently have scientists and physiology experts found new significance to carbohydrates (saccharides).

Why do some modern diets say to Stay Away from carbohydrates? Why does your sports coach tell you to bulk up on more carbohydrates before your athletic events? And is there even a separate New class of carbohydrates based on new scientific research...on indispensable carbohydrates (glyconutrients) that are not even found in our diet?

Where Do Carbohydrates Come From?

Carbohydrates are synthesized within plants straight through the process of photosynthesis. There are simple carbohydrates (monosaccharides) and involved carbohydrates (disaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides). The name carbohydrate comes from the fact that they are carbon hydrates Cn(H2O)n. Carbohydrates function as a component of Atp for energy, indispensable components of Dna and Rna, and recently have been identified as recognition sites on cell surfaces

Carbohydrate Research

Since the 1970s, a growing whole of studies have been done on carbohydrates in habitancy and in animals, with hopes of creating healthier, stronger animals and people. Up until recently, carbohydrates were idea of as nothing more than just an power source. Liver glycogen is an sufficient short-term store for absorbed carbohydrates. However, much more power can be stored per kg of body weight with triglycerides than with glycogen; thus warehouse of power as triglyceride in adipose (fatty) tissue is also the body's metabolic priority after a meal.

With the help of new technological advancements such as high powered microscopes, science has begun to see how the cells work and present among themselves. This alone has resulted in numerous Nobel prizes in the field of science and medicine in the past decade.

Unique Carbohydrates

A unavoidable group of 8 carbohydrates have been revealed to be "essential" to the body, Not as an power fuel source to be burned, but as extra identifiers on the cellular surface. The explore and amelioration firm that discovered a way to make a supplement form of this, created a new word to present these, when they named them glyconutrients. That R&D firm is now the world's only builder of the full 8 glyconutrients. Without these extra identifiers on the cell surface, the cells have a difficult time doing cell-cell signaling, or communicating. That is when a person gets sick, or even comes down with a degenerative disease or cancer, depending on severity.

A whole new class of nutrients called glyconutrients was discovered, and scientifically validated. The explore and amelioration firm out of Texas put together some new laboratory machinery and a team of very superior scientists from colse to the globe, and set out to find a way to extract, stabilize, and formulate a concentrated glyconutrients powder, becoming the first glyconutrients pioneers. For the first time ever, a supplement could be used to directly help the Cells in such a superior way.

That same firm is now the glyconutrients world leader in explore and manufacturing. They still spend millions of dollars every year, more than any other glyconutrient supplier...on glyconutrients research, unlike other supplement clubs that put their money into advertising.

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