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Why We Deal With More Free Radicals Now Than Ever Before

Vitamin A - Why We Deal With More Free Radicals Now Than Ever Before

Good morning. Yesterday, I learned about Vitamin A - Why We Deal With More Free Radicals Now Than Ever Before. Which could be very helpful for me so you. Why We Deal With More Free Radicals Now Than Ever Before

In generations past food was eaten as fresh as possible or it would rot. The nutritional value or mixture of the food was not altered by synthetic or synthetic compounds like it is today. Practically everywhere we look there is processed food and with that free radical oxidation. This contributes to the condition or "unhealthy" crisis we are dealing with right now as a nation.

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Vitamin A

There are more free radicals in today's day than in the past for many reasons. The main two are: the over processing of our food which leads to the depletion of antioxidants and the environmental toxins we come in feel with on a daily basis. Other factors include; in expanding to the free radicals we produce in a normal day, we also produce more while exercise, after physical trauma, after any injury, while infections and emotional stress, after strokes and heart attacks and with those who smoke, take most any drug, drink lots of alcohol, and both solar and background radiation.

The other main "new" source of free radicals is the amazing whole and diversity of chemicals we now have in our water, air and food. Did you know that there are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals used in manufactures today? The Epa (Environmental protection Agency) has full toxicity data on less than one-quarter of them and manufacturers are bringing new chemicals to store at the rate of Practically 1,000 per year. Tragically, only around 500 have been tested to see if they cause cancer and most provide diminutive data on what condition impacts these compounds have. Practically none are tested to recognize oxidative potential.

Here are some facts to be aware of. At least 70% of the processed foods in your grocery store consist of at least one genetically engineered ingredient that has never been tested for its possible harm and most have more than one altered compound. There are more than 3,000 synthetic chemicals that are ordinarily added to U.S. Food products; hardly any have been tested for their interactive toxin-producing effects in the human body. Most vitamins and supplements sold in market that advertise themselves as organic, holistic or natural are indubitably synthetic chemical concoctions that consist of coal tar, preservatives, synthetic colors, and a vast range of other potentially harmful additives, some of which they don't "technically" have to put on the label.

Think about this, in the 9 or so vaccines given to your children before they enter school are harmful additives and preservatives, along with mercury, aluminum, Msg, formaldehyde and others related to disorders ranging from brain and nerve damage to autism and Add. Medical evidence is coming out that suggests the synthetic sweeteners in diet sodas may cause brain tumors, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. The numbers get higher if you consist of pepperoni at the same time, say on a pizza. The occurrence of these diseases has risen dramatically in proportion with the expanded use of synthetic sweeteners and food additives

Chemical hazards we come in feel with consist of pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and other animal drugs, cleaning provide toxins as well as plainly occurring toxins, food additives, allergens and toxic chemicals that can get into food through the process of manufacturing. Think of the processing aids added to food so it keeps its color and texture longer. Smog is a storage of oxidant particles. There are over 20 chemical compounds in smog that promote oxidation reactions; such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. More than 100 million Americans are exposed to levels of ozone higher than the safe level recommended by the U.S. Environmental protection Agency.

A once pristine area can be so altered by environmental turn that we hardly identify it or remember what it used to look like. Think of Los Angeles or Denver; where once was clear, pure air now citizen with breathing problems are asked not to live there for condition reasons. We are exposed to oxidant-producing chemicals on a level unheard of in the history of our planet. Most of this stuff is new to modern generations and all of it has to be broken down by the body as it detoxifies itself. while the detoxification process our bodies indubitably come to be a free radical factory, releasing free radicals on a huge scale. The only way to forestall total damage is to ingest more antioxidants and limit oxidant exposure.

Eating fresh deeply colored fruits and vegetables on a consistent, daily basis will help. Buy these veggies and consolidate them into your usual dishes. Or use them to cook stew or chop up cabbage and kale or eggplant and fry them with ground hamburger meat to make sloppy joes or tacos or Sheppard's pie. I buy as many colorful veggies I can, dice, sauté and season them, then add a few cans of tomatoes, season again, add some tomato sauce and blend until mostly plane to make my own spaghetti/pizza sauce. Adding a diminutive fresh Parmesan cheese and sugar at the end will indubitably bring all the flavors together. You will never go back to store brand again.

Another way to get more antioxidants is to take good, reputable supplements. Make sure you check on the constructor before you buy anything, they should have data about themselves around the web. Many associates have had to deal with recalls. You also want to limit exposure to toxins. Look for qualified cleaning products that have no toxins, are biodegradable, and will get rid of all the nasty chemicals we have floating around our homes without killing your lungs or the environment; like Get Clean.

I hope you will get new knowledge about Vitamin A. Where you can offer utilization in your life. And most importantly, your reaction is passed about Vitamin A.


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