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Best Fish Oil Supplements - Know Before You pick

Fish oil is often referred to as the king of supplements. It is a basic nutrition building block. The surmise for this is the omega 3 fatty acids present in it which have proven effective in treating some ailments like depression, hair loss and heart diseases. Some studies show that you can get the same benefits from oils like primrose, flaxseed, perilla and borage. But this is debatable because even though these oils contain unavoidable omega 3 fatty acids they do not contain any Epa and Dha which are omega 3 fatty acids that have gargantuan health benefits. Fish is nature's richest source on Epa and Dha.

Since the popularity of fish oil supplements is growing there are numerous clubs manufacturing them. However, the bad part is that many of these supplements are inferior in quality. If you are interested in buying these supplements you should ensue some easy steps. Firstly, check to make sure that the supplement you are selecting is free of impurities. Mercury and other impurities are found in practically all fish today. Check to see if the supplement you are considering has "pharmaceutical grade" and is "molecularly distilled".

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Your supplement must have a moderate to high ratio of Epa to Dha. Some study shows that Epa is the more beneficial. This is because the body can change Epa into Dha as required, but the reverse is not true. You should try to look for a supplement that is in capsule form and enteric coated. Enteric coating has two advantages. Firstly, it prevents fishy tasting after burps. And secondly, your body is able to dispell enteric coated capsules more efficiently. Be sure to check the filler content in the fish oil supplement you are considering. If you correlate the total milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids with the per capsule milligram whole you will know how much of the oil in the supplement is filler. A good supplement should contain less than 50% filler.

Best Fish Oil Supplements - Know Before You pick

When you reconsider the pharmaceutical grade, stringent manufacturing processes and high omega 3 levels, following are some of the supplements that make the mark:

Spring Valley - This is a general supplement that can be bought at a funds price. It provides an enteric coated fish oil soft gel at a 30% omega 3 fatty acid concentrations. It also contains possession omega 3 fish oil called Meg-3, which has been tested to meet high capability standards.

Carlson Labs - This is one of North America's most popular brands for fish oil supplements. They manufacture over 25 separate kinds like flavored and unflavored liquids to children's flavored soft chews. Their supplement comes from deep, ocean water fish and it is processed and bottled in Norway.

Some other superior brands are Nordic Natural and Dr. Barry Sears. Taking fish oil supplements has a lot of health benefits. However, it is prominent to read reviews on the separate manufacturers before you select your supplement.

Best Fish Oil Supplements - Know Before You pick


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